Clinic Policies

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered unless prior financial arrangements have been made.

Cancellation Policy: A fee will be applied for missed appointments as follows:
• For established patients: 50% of the service price will be charged if cancellation notice is less than 24 business hours of the scheduled appointment
• For new patients: $100 deposit will be forfeited if cancellation notice is less than 48 business hours of the scheduled appointment

(Our doctors invest 80% more time with patients than a traditional MD. This is a very important part of the holistic and much more individualized approach. When appointments are missed, they are left with large gaps in their schedules that many would gladly fill.)

Prescriptions: If you have a prescription with one of our doctors, you are required to see him or her yearly to get the prescription renewed. If it is testosterone therapy or other controlled substance, you will need to see him or her at least twice a year.

Emails: There is no charge for clarification of your current treatment plan or medication doses, or when your physician has requested that you check in about your response to a treatment. There will be a nominal fee for emails requiring medical advice that needs to be processed and recorded in your chart, or for emails that result in your physician prescribing a new medication. If you have a new medical concern that arises, please set up a follow-up appointment for discussion and treatment planning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of our policies.