New Patients – What To Expect

What to expect as a new patient:

Before your first visit with the doctor, you will be required to fill out a thorough health history. This includes a review of each body system as well as questions about your life. When you arrive for your visit, one of our doctors will invest 75 minutes with you reviewing your history and begin setting up a treatment plan. At times, this treatment plan will begin with a blood draw for labs to determine what your body needs. The doctor may prescribe supplements, hormones, or other therapies to support your body and begin the healing process. Just as every person is unique, every treatment plan is unique as well.

After lab results have come in, the doctor will review your results and contact you within 7-10 days to review your labs. Depending on your lab results, it may be necessary for you to come in for a follow-up visit for further discussion.