Initial Comprehensive Visit: (75 min)

Meet with a physician to review health history, discuss health challenges and concerns, and begin treatment plan

Initial Pediatric Visit: (30-60 min)

For children and teenagers needing comprehensive care for chronic illness, congenital disease, mental or behavioral disorders, etc.

Acute New Patient: 15 min

For those seeking care for cold or flu,  infections, and other acute symptoms or illnesses

Return Visits: 15-60 min

For established patients seeking further treatment

Blood draws, lab handling, and lab orders and prescriptions outside of an appointment require additional fees

Nutrition Counseling: 30-60 min

Eastern Medicine

New Patient Acupuncture: 75 min

Follow-up Acupuncture: 75 min

Community Acupuncture: 30-75 min

Moxa, Gua Sha, and Cupping treatments

IV Infusions: Available to patients and non-patients (walk-ins welcome, space permitting)

High dose Vitamin C*
Post surgery/trauma
Immune Boost
UV Light Therapy
Iron Infusion*
Migraine Away
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
Strength and Stamina
Weight Loss Boost
Fitness Boost
Anxiety Calm
Macular Degeneration IV
Asthma IV
Mini bag

Other specialty IV options can be discussed

*Some IVs are not available for walk-in guests. Labs required


Vitamin Injections:
Vit B12
Vit B6
Vit D3

Prolozone Injections

Trigger Point injection therapy

Neural therapy

Numiere Facial Treatments

Combines LED light and microcurrent therapies delivering an array of skin benefits.



Contrast Hydrotherapy

Infrared sauna

Ionic Foot Bath

Sinus ozone insufflation

Ozone limb bagging

Massage Therapy:

$30/30 minutes
$60/1 hour
$90/1.5 hour
$120/2 hour